Heads up from Jesse. Retro Console/Mame games + board games.

It’s time for another day-long game day at our house! This one is a little bit special though, because it’s also doubling as a Convergence Vice City 2010 fundraiser event. Practically speaking, the party will feature the same bits that our previous game parties had, mainly fun board games upstairs and fun video games downstairs. And beer.

In addition to the normal fun stuff, I’ll have a donation box upstairs where folks can drop off anonymous donations, I’ll also have some business cards scattered around that will have the Vice City’s Paypal donation URL. No hassle or hussle though – if you want to donate to the Convergence room party that’s awesome, but if you don’t want to or can’t or whatever that’s just fine too. The main goal of the party is to just have fun with games for the day – the Vice City fundraiser is just there for extra credit.

That said, I wouldn’t say no if someone brought a bag of chips or a six pack of beer or something to share at the (May 22nd) party.

Anyway, come on by any time after noon on Saturday, May 22. Our open house funtime game party will last all day until we get tired and kick everyone out. That will probably be around midnight or so, but who can predict these sorts of things?

If you’ve got some awesome ideas for Vice City and want to talk about them, please stop by early. Say, around 11AM or so. Ideas for making Vice City awesome are always welcome, especially if you’ve got a good one for awarding Achievements to party attendees that is easy to do and won’t irritate party hosts too much.

Also, if you want to bring a friend or two along that’s totally cool. Also also, if I missed someone that should be on this mail list please let me know. I don’t want anyone to be left out!

Vice City website:

I don’t remember my home address right now, but I bet if you email me I’ll be able to tell you where the party is at via email. You should totally email me at Lonjon@spriteengine.com.

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I’m 100% confident that Carolyn would think this would be super-cool for our wedding invites. However, this couple already beat me to it. Ah well, back to the drawing board.

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Looks like I am missing the 2009 Portland Retro Gaming Expo next Sunday. Anyone feeling spontaneous and catching this? The post expo party will be at the Ground Kontrol Classic arcade. I now want to move to Portland.

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Although this game isn’t expected to hit the PlayStation Network until sometime next year, there is currently a PC demo available for download. The game is by Twenty-Four Caret Games and it’s called: Retro/Grade. It’s being touted as a shootem-up in reverse. Personally, I don’t think this qualifies as a shmup. It looks a lot like Bit-Trip-Beat and other rhythm-based-games with a shmup theme. There are some interesting things to the game though. For instance, you can switch between the standard 6-Axis and a Guitar controller if you wish.

This game trailer shows how the game works: (Make sure to click the HD button for best quality)


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Play the above video to view the “teaser trailer”
for this event is scheduled for May 30.

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