G2C2-S01E07: Ballbusters

In this episode our hosts are Madaracs, Commander Tim and Cloudscout. The new Ghostbusters game is discussed, the recent purchase of a NES Cartridge for 17.5K, the classic SNES shmup Phalanx and much much more…

  • Ghostbusters new and old!
  • Listen to Madaracs predict and defend Ghostbusters as the most sold game of the year. And fail!
  • Hear bad words!
  • Get Your Own Personal Ball Pit!
  • It’s Intermission time!
  • Shiny New Outtro track!: Ode to Diode
  • Outrrrrraageous outtakes! (57:50 For those that hate Madaracs’ compositions.)


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Posted by Madaracs on 07.23.09

Ben Heck did it again. He made a C64 laptop using original hardware. This is the same guy who did the Xbox 360 laptop… which is proof that an Xbox 360 “slim” is possible.

Commodore 64 laptop

Commodore 64 laptop

Posted by Zoyx on 07.06.09

I thought you Commodore 64 peeps out there might get a kick out of this. NetRacer is a new game just released this month. It can support up to eight online players. 😉

Posted by POI on 07.07.08
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The party may be over–but the memories are great!
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Posted by Madaracs on 05.21.08

Some of us have been talkin’ about having another retro game party. Last year we did not have one! So we’ll have to play twice as hard!

Date: Saturday, May 17th.

Starting at or around Noon at my place and going until you can’t stand the sound of an 80s arcade anymore.

So Here is the Deal: (Generally Speaking)

  1. Games must have been manufactured/printed in 1998 or older to be played*.
  2. New Consoles are allowed but should be running retro games.
  3. 1 Galaga Machine should be running the whole night.
  4. 1 Donkey Kong Machine should be running the whole night.
  5. Bring a Console! The more NES the better! The more rare the better!
  6. If you bring a console you need to bring a Monitor/TV
  7. If you have a rare console and no TV to bring, let ‘us’ know and one will be provided.
  8. If you have a TV and no console we’d LOVE you to bring it.
  9. In addition to the normal basement space, the Garage will be available for setting up games.
  10. Some beer and booze will be provided. Bring some to share. (Ages 21 and up preferred–unless you know a responsible kid that likes crusty old games)
  11. We’ll order Pizza around the starting time.
  12. The more helpers in the morning to get setup the better.
  13. Bring Friends
  14. *Defunct Games or Consoles no longer being produced past 1998 are allowed such as: The Sega Dreamcast and games like Chu Chu Rocket. Karaoke Revolution, Guitar Hero, Wii Bowling or any interactive modern games may be played starting at 10:00pm.

Who is in?

(PS: This message was posted on MondayNightGeek as well)

Posted by Madaracs on 04.24.08