When BadBoyBill on the Hyperspin forums found out that the latest (and best one since 2, imo) Mortal Kombat was being released on home consoles only, his task was clear: design and build an arcade cabinet worthy of the name Mortal Kombat.

Taking cues from modern HD cabinet designs (specifically the design of cabinets from Global VR), he went to work. What he has created is a beautiful homage to an era long passed, when Mortal Kombat ruled the arcades with its striking cabinet designs, and bone-crushing DCS audio systems. Watch the video above for a brief tour of the cabinet, and check out his worklog on the Hyperspin forums.

Posted by Tim on 07.11.11

New record for Asteroids was just set minutes ago. All 60 hours of the tape needs to be verified and John McAllister needs to receive a drug test – but another of the elite classic arcade records has been surpassed. This particular record was 28 years old, 41,336,440 – formerly held by Scott Safran. John passed this score by only a few thousand.

He tried to his best to choke it away. With 300,000 left to go, he took a bathroom break. When he came back, he was out of rhythm, resulting in his lives dwindling down to just two. He found a last minute groove, and got the reserve back up to 10. The last 100,000 points was a fun ceremonial walk.

Congrats John! Nice to see these classics get tested.

Posted by Zoyx on 04.05.10

I may have just found the soundtrack for the next retro-gaming party. Someone has put together a few “arcade ambiance” recordings together. Here are the folks involved in the project. I can see this being more relaxing to me than playing an ocean surf or babbling brook recording.

What initiated this is that the virtual arcade for the Xbox 360 opened its doors. The folks at Kataku took a tour. Listening to the video the editor made, you can hear the same arcade ambiance. Also from the video, looks like the initial collection is a bit of a disappointment. Shows promise, though.

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Here is your clue, it isn’t Billy, and it isn’t Steve. Here is the Twin Galaxies interview with the new champ.

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I thought we could start a post about what each of us will volunteer to bring to the 6th retro video-gaming party so we can minimize on dupe machines, consoles, games and whatnot.

I’m bringing:

  • 4 – 13″ Color TVs
  • 1 Black and White TV
  • Super Pong IV
  • Odyssey 4000 (Could use a color dial TV for this bad boy if anyone wants to bring one.)
  • Odyssey2 with ‘The Voice’. Games: Smithereens (the best of the voice games), U.F.O. and Sub Chase for sure.
  • Sega Genesis with 32X, Flight Stick with Afterburner and Probably SW: Arcade.
  • NES with some Rip Off Chinese games, some famicom classics and a few favorites. (Contra? Tecmo Super Bowl?)
  • Vectrex
  • Arcade:  Ms. Pac-Man or Tron.  Probably not both.
  • I may bring my Game Console stand too…
  • I’m going to bring a GBA SP and some controllers so we can play Pac-Man Vs.  (either on my Game Cube or Matt’s)

I think I’ll also do a podcast of the event.

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Posted by Madaracs on 09.28.09