Fan made trailer for the original Tron.

Posted by TDog on March 30, 2010 at 7:58 pm
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  1. Commander TimNo Gravatar Said,

    At first I thought you were linking to this beauty:

    Tron vs. Saul Bass from Hexagonall on Vimeo.

    But this is good too. :-)

  2. ZoyxNo Gravatar Said,

    True confession: I have never watched Tron all the way through. Another chunk of geek cred just fell off of me. Probably should see it before Tron 2 comes out.

  3. MadaracsNo Gravatar Said,

    Both of those trailers are incredible. I love the 60s one. Totally rad. The “new” Tron trailer uses almost every single piece of digital footage they had! Heh. Nice work by that guy.

  4. Commander TimNo Gravatar Said,

    I’m with you on that. I finished watching the new one and immediately wanted to go watch Tron again. Good example of how far the art of the film trailer has come.

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