I may have just found the soundtrack for the next retro-gaming party. Someone has put together a few “arcade ambiance” recordings together. Here are the folks involved in the project. I can see this being more relaxing to me than playing an ocean surf or babbling brook recording.

What initiated this is that the virtual arcade for the Xbox 360 opened its doors. The folks at Kataku took a tour. Listening to the video the editor made, you can hear the same arcade ambiance. Also from the video, looks like the initial collection is a bit of a disappointment. Shows promise, though.

Posted by Zoyx on March 26, 2010 at 3:26 pm
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  1. Commander TimNo Gravatar Said,

    I’ve got a good chunk of these (had em for a while). I tried playing them while tooling about in MAME and what not, but it feels a little cheesy.

  2. ZoyxNo Gravatar Said,

    Yeah, you can tell they are faked… not actual arcade noises. But they work for me.

  3. ZoyxNo Gravatar Said,

    Installed the retro game room for Windows Live. Doesn’t look like it supports my trackball (no mouse support). Tempest needs mouse support for the spinner. They need to fix this. Very disappointed.

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