IBM announced today that they have reached mass production peek on the ‘Broadway’ chips that are being sent to Nintendo for the new console.

“IBM’s new ‘Broadway’ chip is a 90-nanometer process version of the 180-nm architecture ‘Gekko’ chip that Nintendo has been using in its GameCube console since 2001. IBM was secretive about further details of the new chip, saying only that it has a Power Architecture core specially modified for the Wii platform, and that it draws 20 percent less power than Gekko while boosting performance.”

The Wii has an ambiguous November release date–but according to this article from MacWorld we can expect them to be shipped on time–a little ironic seeing as the PS3 just announced they would be falling behind in production.

Posted by Madaracs on September 8, 2006 at 8:03 am
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