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When BadBoyBill on the Hyperspin forums found out that the latest (and best one since 2, imo) Mortal Kombat was being released on home consoles only, his task was clear: design and build an arcade cabinet worthy of the name Mortal Kombat.

Taking cues from modern HD cabinet designs (specifically the design of cabinets from Global VR), he went to work. What he has created is a beautiful homage to an era long passed, when Mortal Kombat ruled the arcades with its striking cabinet designs, and bone-crushing DCS audio systems. Watch the video above for a brief tour of the cabinet, and check out his worklog on the Hyperspin forums.

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Stern has released their Tron:Legacy pinball machine to the public. With that, there are launch parties all over America. The twin cities has not been forgotten! There will be a Tron pinball launch party at Blainbrook Entertainment Center this Sunday at 7pm. If you haven’t been to Blainbrook, you’re missing out on the 50 pinball machines  they have available. PinBot AND Bride of PinBot? It’s there. It’s my new happy place. For more info, hit

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Version 1.6 is going to be released this week according to Notch on twitter:

1.6 is aimed at Wednesday. Which means we’ll probably release it late Thursday. 😉

This release contains the Nether for SMP as well as craftable maps. No mention of Pistons (delayed because Jeb switched projects), but there will be hatches. This release will also fix the “minecart booster bug” and make the booster rails “speedier”. See the full changelist after the jump.
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As many of you know this is part 1 of the Retro madness we prepare twice each year. Don’t worry if you can’t make it–you’ll have a shot at it again in the Fall for Sparby’s gig.

Featured this year are the usual suspects:

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