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Hori EX2 Opened

Commander Tim pointed me toward the Hori EX2 fighting stick. Unfortunately it comes with a square restrictor plate, more meant for fighting games. Not good for Pac-man. So I purchased a Sanwa octagonal restrictor plate. I only had to drill four holes for the screws… fit right in. The results are above. The previous restrictor plate is loose in the lower left.

A couple weeks ago, the DVD drive stopped working. A little more involved modding for the replacement of this. This project involved desoldering the controller card from the old drive, then resoldering this card to the new drive. This went surprisingly well, considering I’m not the greatest solderer in the world.

While I had the Xbox open, I did some other modding. I purchased a new case that came with LEDs. Also purchased the Talismoon “whisper” replacement fans. Whisper is in quotes because it isn’t totally quiet. The Xbox definitely needed some cleaning, here is a picture of the dirt that had accumulated on the heatsink. Now you know one reason why Xbox 360s overheat and die.

So here is the final result. Pretty fancy, eh. A touch quieter, but I am sure it isn’t quieter than an Xbox 360 slim. The octagonal restrictor in the Hori EX2 increased my 5 minute score on the Championship II maze for PC CE DX to 1.4 million from 1.22 million.

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Here is the cocktail cabinet I picked up last week.

It’s actually an original Pac-Man cocktail that was converted to a Ms. Pac-Man. Everything is in great shape except for one problem… the original Pac-Man cocktail cabinets had a slightly different design than all of the other Midway cocktails that would come after it. Of the four main differences, two of them are no big deal. First, the control panels are 11 inches wide on the original machines versus 9 inches wide on later versions. Second, the corners of the cabinet itself are rounded on the original but are square (with T-Molding) on the newer models. The third difference results in quite a bit of disappointment for people who buy these machines that have been converted. The original Pac-Man cocktail cabinets had the underlay artwork silk-screened directly onto the glass. The later versions used a separate printed underlay. When people converted the original machines they had to scrape the silk-screened artwork off of the glass in order to use the new overlay… which leads to the final difference. While the glass top is the same size and shape on both iterations, the wood underneath the glass is not cut the same. If you look closely at this picture you may notice that the see-through area above the control panels doesn’t look quite right. The open area in the wood top on the cabinet is almost a 90 degree angle whereas the underlay has a more open angle which exposes some of the bare wood beneath it. I have found a source for an underlay with the original Pac-Man artwork cut to the correct dimensions to fit the original cabinets and will probably replace this mis-matched underlay at some point.

For now, the game works great mechanically. I put a “4-in-1” board in it which will let you play Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man in both normal and fast modes and it saves high-scores. Tons-o-Fun!

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Pac-Man Championship Edition DX came out yesterday. I downloaded it to my Xbox 360 just now. The Ars Technica review reminded me to buy it. It is indeed crazy. The attached screenshot was my 2nd game. I need to friend you guys up if we do that friendly competition.

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Optimized for iPhone 4 and iPad. What the team at id Software is doing with this engine is incredible. John Gruber said it best: “Imagine going back in time just four years ago and showing this to someone, explaining that it’s running on your cell phone.” Link

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Jim Stolis and I modded my Expansion Module #2 for ColecoVision to add an indicator light and power to bypass the need for four C-batteries:

I added the key switch (unfortunately a chinese toy-switch that operates in the wrong direction) but I think it’s still pretty cool!

I also added a second primary fire button for one of my already modded ColecoVision controllers.  This gives me the ability to button mash on games like Defender:

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