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It’s an atari 5200–what else?

I snagged this off of Craigslist for too much money($50). The lowdown:
1 broken controller(no top buttons, no CV joint boot)
2-port console in ok shape
4 5200 games
22 2600 games, 2 of them being Warlords.

I figured, what the heck. Why not? You only live once. A nice conversation piece if I can’t get a repair/replacement on the controller & some more games. It’s going to need a lot of cleaning, and the 2600 games look like zombie versions of themselves(rotting labels, etc). It’s one thing to google support for the 5200(joystick repair info), and it’s another thing to get the usual craigslist filth off of it.

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In the “you learn something new everyday” dept., I learned about the Atari Video System X (VSX). This was the pre-release name for the Atari 5200. The system never hit retail stores with this name, but was displayed at CES as the VSX. The original plan was to have the Atari VSX be the follow-up to the Atari VCS. Things changed when they renamed the Atari VCS to the Atari 2600. Below is a fun video about the Atari VSX. A bit corny in parts. You can go to 1:10 if you want to skip the PBS and 3-2-1 Contact intro.

There is now an Atari VSX on ebay. I believe the making of the above video and the auction are by the same people. The auction price is $910 with 5 1/2 days left as I make this entry. Curious to see how high it goes. It is already out of my price range. Tempted to mod my 5200 so it looks like a VSX.

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The party will be held at Cloudscout’s place as it has been for all versions of the Fall retro gaming party.   Look for more details here and on Facebook as they become available.

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I am fifth in the world in Wii Fit Three Minute Super Hula Hooping. I did this at the International Video Game Hall of Fame Convention a month ago in Ottumwa. My pelvic coordination is to be feared!

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