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I’m just gonna post the trailer.  It says it all:

Posted by Madaracs on 05.27.10
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Introducing the RetroN3! It slices, it dices–it can even cut this tin can! That’s right and if you order now, we’ll throw in the kitchen sink!

You might be saying to yourself right now, “Man, another stupid NES clone.” Well, I did too. Except that this one is a little different…

  1. Unlike previous NES/SNES/Genesis clones, this one can play all three.
  2. Control ports for all types of original controllers:
  • NES
  • SNES
  • And Genesis!

Sources all over the interwebs are claiming this will debut at E3, but it’s already in the wild and being sold at eBay and by cheap-ass retailers all over the world.  The cost?  Anywhere between $50 to $70 depending on how hard you look.  It comes in two colors.  Vector Red and Boring Grey. The price may seem a little steep for a single machine for old skool games but when you think about what this can do it’s not such a bad deal.

Posted by Madaracs on 05.26.10
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Today’s Woot Item Description is appropriately amusing…

Posted by Cloudscout on 05.22.10
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Anyone check out the google page today?

Posted by POI on 05.21.10
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I saw this over on Kotaku this morning and needed to share it here: because anyone who can play the Space Harrier and Turrican themes using only a small drum kit and a bit crusher and a fuzz box is alright by me.

Posted by Tim on 05.20.10
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