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Fan made trailer for the original Tron.

Posted by TDog on 03.30.10
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I may have just found the soundtrack for the next retro-gaming party. Someone has put together a few “arcade ambiance” recordings together. Here are the folks involved in the project. I can see this being more relaxing to me than playing an ocean surf or babbling brook recording.

What initiated this is that the virtual arcade for the Xbox 360 opened its doors. The folks at Kataku took a tour. Listening to the video the editor made, you can hear the same arcade ambiance. Also from the video, looks like the initial collection is a bit of a disappointment. Shows promise, though.

Posted by Zoyx on 03.26.10
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A new T-Shirt design appeared in the GridCycle store on Zazzle today:

Click the photo to see full design.

This stylish Henley sports a design inspired by two things:

  1. A rare video game title from the 80s called Stadium Events.
  2. An unanticipated find by an auctioneer yielded a colorful auction ad which included the phrase, “I NEARLY CRAP IN MY PANTS WHEN I FIND OUT WHAT THIS IS!”

This shirt is an homage to both the game and the exuberance the anonymous auctioneer yielded.  Get yours today on Zazzle by visiting the GridCycle store.   Don’t like the shirt choice?  Looking for something cheaper?  You can put this design on any shirt of your choosing.  When you place your order, use this coupon to get 10% off:  TSHIRTS10OFF

Hope I brought a little entertainment home to you today. 😉

Posted by Madaracs on 03.23.10
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I just snagged a copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum for PS3 for $29.99.  And Dante’s Inferno is today’s featured item at a mere $38.99.   Looking at the hints for the other lightning deals, it looks like today is a Video Game Sale day at Amazon.  Lego Indiana Jones will be up at the end of the day.


Posted by Madaracs on 03.22.10
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Here is your clue, it isn’t Billy, and it isn’t Steve. Here is the Twin Galaxies interview with the new champ.

Posted by Zoyx on 03.10.10
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