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See what I did there? Anyway, an enterprising (re: bored) Ghostbusters fan took it upon themselves to build the ultimate Wii-mote accessory for all your Ghostbustin’ needs. Pretty neat, and there’s a proton pack to match. I’ve never played the Wii version of the game, but I’ve heard it’s fun (and radically different from the next-gen versions). See the rest of the photos and get the full scoop over at Ghostbusters Fans.

Posted by Tim on 02.26.10

As if it wasn’t painful enough to shell out the full $60-ish price for a new console game just to get it on release, now days it’s these same people who also suffer through all the release glitches, freezes and crashes. Now that most consoles are network connected it seems that the developer’s “we’ll just fix the bugs later” mentality might be getting a little extreme. I understand the games are really huge and complicated and it’s hard to catch all the issues but I think the whole network-patch thing is being relied on a little too much.

A co-worker of mine came into work totally bummed this morning because after getting about 5 hours into Heavy Rain the game crashed and corrupted his save game to boot. As if the crashing wasn’t bad enough, now he has to start all over again…but really he just has to sit and wait for a patch as it could happen again.

Here’s some details on this issue:
Playstation News: Heavy Rain freezing up

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My God... it's full of voxels.

I remember when Outcast came out, PC Accelerator gave it a pretty favorable review due to its huge environments, wonderfully fleshed-out world, decent sci-fi storyline, and the score which was performed by an honest to goodness Russian orchestra. However, they also knocked it specifically for not taking advantage of the then readily available 3D accelerators on the market. In a bold (odd) move, the developers decided to use voxel technology to render the game (if you’re all “WTF is a voxel?” hit this link). It gave the game a pretty distinctive look, but also made the system requirements for the game a tiny bit steeper than the competition. But hey, it was the 90s, that how they rolled.

Anyway, time passed, the world kept turning, and Outcast faded into the background… sorta. Unexpectedly, somewhere along the line, the game attained a cult following, and it started showing up on some “most influential games of all-time” lists. It even got a re-release on the then fledgling DVD-ROM format which brought higher quality cut-scene videos. Even as recent as a year ago, I was installing it (yep, I still have my original discs) on my then new Core 2 Duo system to see how fast those voxels could fly (my first experience with running it was on a Pentium 233). Now there’s even a project called “Open Outcast” which is an unofficial sequel to the game being developed as a total conversion mod for Crysis Warfare. Crazy stuff.

So the point of this post: Edge has posted a pretty cool “Making of Outcast” article. It’s pretty interesting to read the history of this game 11 years after it was universally panned as a failure. LINK

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Look out Wiimote. Look out Natal. Introducing – Mud.

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A new version of Blaster Master was just released on WiiWare. In case you don’t remember what Blaster Master is… here is the original NES version:

Blaster Master: Overdrive looks very faithful to the original. I’m gonna snag a copy with some WiiWare points I have laying around.

This is the 3rd game to tout the Blaster Master title. The unexpected sequel, Blaster Master: Blasting Again, was released on the PSX in 2001. As with a number of games in the late 90s and early 2000s, Blasting Again is a 3-D version of the classic. It contains one of the best “Worst Voice Acting in a Video Game” moments. Once you get past the intro though, it’s supposedly pretty fun to play. I obtained a copy of the PSX version today to give it a whirl. For the awfulness of the PSX intro… Read the rest of this entry »

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