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If you like Breakout style games, Shatter is the retro game for you. Part of today’s (Dec 30) specials on Steam. Only $2.50 for a quality game, definitely worth a shot.

Posted by Zoyx on 12.30.10
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Well played. VERY well played. They even got convincing fonts on the intro. Love it!

Posted by s1500 on 12.22.10
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Quick breeze through the logos…

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Posted by Madaracs on 12.20.10
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As founder of this site it is an honor to post about the long awaited sequel to Tron.  It’s been getting mixed reviews already and since I will not have seen it until 7pm tonight, I will reserve judgement until tomorrow.

A handful of us have opted to see it tonight at 7:00pm in St.Louis Park at West End in the new 3-D capable theater: The Showplace ICON Theater & Lobby Lounge.  We’ve obtained VIP seating.

See you on the grid.


Posted by Madaracs on 12.17.10
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Hori EX2 Opened

Commander Tim pointed me toward the Hori EX2 fighting stick. Unfortunately it comes with a square restrictor plate, more meant for fighting games. Not good for Pac-man. So I purchased a Sanwa octagonal restrictor plate. I only had to drill four holes for the screws… fit right in. The results are above. The previous restrictor plate is loose in the lower left.

A couple weeks ago, the DVD drive stopped working. A little more involved modding for the replacement of this. This project involved desoldering the controller card from the old drive, then resoldering this card to the new drive. This went surprisingly well, considering I’m not the greatest solderer in the world.

While I had the Xbox open, I did some other modding. I purchased a new case that came with LEDs. Also purchased the Talismoon “whisper” replacement fans. Whisper is in quotes because it isn’t totally quiet. The Xbox definitely needed some cleaning, here is a picture of the dirt that had accumulated on the heatsink. Now you know one reason why Xbox 360s overheat and die.

So here is the final result. Pretty fancy, eh. A touch quieter, but I am sure it isn’t quieter than an Xbox 360 slim. The octagonal restrictor in the Hori EX2 increased my 5 minute score on the Championship II maze for PC CE DX to 1.4 million from 1.22 million.

Posted by Zoyx on 11.27.10
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