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GIZMODO: In honor of the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, British engineer Iain Sharp built a mechanical version of the Atari classic: Lunar Lander. Oh. And it’s awesome. Check out the full store here.

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gamecrazy“Blaine?  His name is Blaine?!  That’s not a name–that’s a major appliance!”

As many of you already know, Game Crazy recently announced it was closing 200 of its retail stores.  I had an opportunity to stop into the Golden Valley store and interview the manager, Ryan McMillan (also a lead guitarist for the local band ‘The Alarmists’).  According to Ryan, they are calling the move “Going Dark.”  He has been told that there will be some stores reopening as stand-alone shops in within the next year.

I was kind of surprised that they slashed 200 of their retail stores nation wide as I understood that Game Crazy was the more profitable side of the Hollywood Video chain.  Hollywood Video has been ailing for sometime and tossing around the idea of closing some of their Movie Gallery and Game Crazy stores for awhile.  According to Ryan, the Golden Valley store has always been profitable–but apparently not profitable enough.

The largest store in Blaine and a smaller but highly profitable store in Cottage Grove will remain open.  All other Game Crazy stores in MN will be closed for good* in 3 weeks.  All new inventory was shipped back to corporate but all used inventory is now 50% of the regular sticker price with prices expected to drop drastically from week to week.

*Pending the opening of new stand-alone stores in 2010.
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Many of us have discussed the gamer auction site  On several occassions I’ve heard people say they can never remember the name of the site.  Since the site’s name is based on an obscure Atari 2600 title exclusively released by Purina back in the 80s–this is no surprise.  Apparently, this wasn’t an uncommon deterrent.  It would appear that with the latest upgrade to the site’s look & feel, a name change has accompanied the new look.  Behold the GameGavel:


The site still has a long way to go to be the next ebay, but they continually strive to make improvements.  Along with these enhancements comes a few little mistakes–like the poorly executed logo on the main page.  Don’t get me wrong! I like the simplicity but its jagged edges and somewhat unpolished glow clearly indicate it was designed on a small scale and blown up.  The immediate elimination of the animated gif or png for sharing auctions would be a good improvement as well.

All that aside, I like the new site name.  The word “gavel” invokes the imagination as you envision it smacking down to declare a winning bid.  The alliteration is perfectly executed to create a catchy and easily remembered name.  With more than 3,000 members and climbing, I think they’re taking the right steps to draw larger audiences into the fold.

Go chase the chuckwagon at!

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Engadget story on how Ben whores it up.

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Revision 3 has started a vidcast of indie game reviews, “bytejacker“. The format seems to be a full review of a cheap pay game, then they have smaller reviews of free indie games. The host can be a bit obnoxious, but not a show-stopper. They are four episodes into this, each episode is about ten minutes long. Some fun looking games in their latest episode.


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