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I think I’ll bring this too. I just found a copy for $2 and it’s a lot of fun. It’s quite the gory game and it’s loaded with samples and late-80s/early-90s Arcadeness.

From Wikipedia:
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Posted by Madaracs on 09.28.09
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I thought we could start a post about what each of us will volunteer to bring to the 6th retro video-gaming party so we can minimize on dupe machines, consoles, games and whatnot.

I’m bringing:

  • 4 – 13″ Color TVs
  • 1 Black and White TV
  • Super Pong IV
  • Odyssey 4000 (Could use a color dial TV for this bad boy if anyone wants to bring one.)
  • Odyssey2 with ‘The Voice’. Games: Smithereens (the best of the voice games), U.F.O. and Sub Chase for sure.
  • Sega Genesis with 32X, Flight Stick with Afterburner and Probably SW: Arcade.
  • NES with some Rip Off Chinese games, some famicom classics and a few favorites. (Contra? Tecmo Super Bowl?)
  • Vectrex
  • Arcade:  Ms. Pac-Man or Tron.  Probably not both.
  • I may bring my Game Console stand too…
  • I’m going to bring a GBA SP and some controllers so we can play Pac-Man Vs.  (either on my Game Cube or Matt’s)

I think I’ll also do a podcast of the event.

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My Odyssey2 arrived today. I was the only bidder in the auction that Madaracs pointed me to. I didn’t read the fine print… $30 in shipping. The heavy sixer I received from Goodwill a few months back was only $20 shipping. Don’t know what the difference was.


The console runs fine. The one game I have played so far is K.C. Munchkin. What made this Pac-man clone interesting was that it came out before Atari’s Pac-man. You can also argue that it is a more fun version. It gave the Odyssey a bit of a short-term bump at the time… until Atari sued and forced the halt of production.

Zoyx Odyssey2

Posted by Zoyx on 09.26.09
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Harmony Cartridge for the Atari 2600 is up for pre-order. Some features for you to drool over:

The board fits into a standard Atari shell (with slots dremeled out for the SD card and USB of course).

Features: Plays all legacy 2600 games up to 32k. USB programmable, SD card slot: FAT12/16/32 compatible, supports SD and SDHC, menu: supports directories, no limit on number of files, auto-detection of bankswitch type. Windows/Mac/Linux programming software. There is much more, but that’s the gist of it.

Posted by Zoyx on 09.24.09

MMMMM … gaming bot. Must have me one.

R2D2 Master Gaming console

R2D2 Master Gaming console

Posted by Zoyx on 09.22.09