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Today over at Woot: A Nice little mic and mixer set for cheap. Sure, it’s all M-Audio equipment, but it might be worth a look at $59 if you want to start your own podcast or just play around.  It also comes with a keyboard complete with sound effects.  Also, over at sellout.woot there is a nice M-Audio USB interface for mic or guitar.

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Here’s something local & fun. I went to the MN State Fair yesterday, knowing full well the arcade game presence has been heavily scaled back over the years. There used to be 3 arcades at the fair, filled with classic & current coinops for everyone to enjoy. There were also pinball machines.

But this year, pinball had its own room. Pinball on a Stick is now there with its own room. Plenty of pinball machines, classic & current are available to play. While there was no Fun House or Star Trek:TNG, they had Big Guns, which was new to me. Check out or just go visit them at the fair.

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10/11/2008: Jesse Richardson, a casual video game player, retro-game enthusiast and all-around-good-guy accidentally beat all of the scores on Adam Kooyer’s Ms. Pac-Man machine. Although not intentional, he was now the reining champion on the machine. Since that day, our group of video gaming friends has had repeated attempts at conquering his score of a whopping: 173,640 points.

08/21/2009: Adam Kooyer arrives home from a business trip to Cairo, Egypt. Wanting to wind down he sat down in front of the Ms. Pac-Man machine and played a single game to relax. He ended up beating Jesse’s score by a mere 10 points! That is one dot.

ms-pac-top-score1-20090821 ms-pac-top-score2-20090821

Who will be next?

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After months of rumors, and even longer dreams of fanboy waiting, Sony finally announced that yes, there is a PS3 slim. Available the first week of September, the new PS3 is coming to your hot little hands for, wait for it, $299. Here’s the details:

  • Same features as current PS3 models
  • 120 GB hard drive
  • 33% smaller than the previous PS3
  • 36% lighter than the outgoing model
  • Still has a built in power supply

In addition to this announcement, Sony also dropped the price of the currently shipping PS3 models as well, to help clear out inventory. So if you have a thing for the old George Forman Grill look-a-like, you may want to get on the stick and snag one while you can.  Back to the new slim model though…

One thing to point out is that Sony has made NO MENTION if they are adding backwards compatibility for PS2 games into this model. Recent filing show Sony being issued a patent for a method of software emulation of the Emotion Engine used in the PS2, so we may see a 100% software solution in the future. But honestly, who knows? I will say this though, this little unit is quite the looker, and shows that while Sony may be third in the console war, they still know how to make beautiful electronics. Finally, the console battle really heats up: Sony and MS have similarly speced systems for $299, the first-place champ Wii is still hanging in at $249, and the stripped out 360 brings up the rear at $199. It’s going to be an interesting holiday season. Hit the gallery below for more shots of the PS3 slim.

Oh, one last thing…


It was discovered today on the FCC website that Sony may have a 250 GB PS3 model in the pipes as well. No real confirmation yet, other than the graphic above that was found on the site, but rumors are putting this at as a $349 model that may well indeed contain the PS2 software emulator everyone is salivating for. A $50 price hike for PS2 emulation and a larger drive? Sure, but the price may be a bit steep for this late in the console war, especially since the less-than $300 price barrier has been broken. We’ll have to wait and see.

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Some fun casual games to look forward to…

PAX 10

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