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For anyone that has been remotely interested in buying (and in most cases in our group, getting better at) Street Fighter IV, now is your chance. GameStop (whom I generally dislike) is offering both the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 versions of the title at the blowout price of $19.99. Seems Capcom is interested in keeping the sales up as more great titles like Blaz Blue and King of Fighters 12 make their way onto the fighting scene this year. Hit the links below to get your copy.

XBox 360 or Playstation 3

[UPDATE] – The sale is now over. You snooze, you lose.

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After fighting through the final scenes last night, I was able to finally beat the end boss on the Ghosbusters game. First, I’d like to say, “What a great game!” Despite its shortcomings, Ghostbusters: The Game managed to keep me interested enough to finish the entire game. The story was well executed and so well suited for the video game genre. Enemies old and new were frequent in the game. It was funny, suspenseful and at times even a little scary; all of the things you’d hope to see in a Ghostbusters feature film. The finale was executed in typical Ghostbusters style, though I’d say it was a better executed story than Ghosbusters II.

The script worked brilliantly on most levels.   I’m sure had it been a feature much would have been omitted while other elements might have been expanded.  For instance, the roles of Walter Peck (reprised by William Atherton) and Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn (Alyssa Milano) would probably have had slightly more screen time.  For the game, this didn’t have to work–those characters didn’t need expansive roles. They served a purpose.  For the game it was all about the “new recruit”…  It was all about you.

There is little to complain about with this game. It gave me a chance to do something I’ve always thought would be fun to do: Bust ghosts. It furthered that by dropping you in with the characters we all came to know and love when they first burst onto the silver screen in 1984. With such an original sci-fi comedy formula and the right developers behind it–they made something extremely fun to play.


Having had a chance to let the hype die down–including my own overzealous fondness for the title, I’d have to rate it a solid 8 out of 10. First it loses a point for the obvious reason that no game of this caliber should be released with such major glitches. The library bug in this game on the PS3 is enough to drive you mad when you first encounter it. But the real tragedy is that there is no planned bug fix. For that I knock another point off. Overall, I’d highly recommend this title to anyone who has the curiosity to find out what it’s like to hold a positron glider and kick butt on some Free-Floating, Full-Torso, Vaporous Apparitions.

Ghostbusters: The Game 8/10 ~Madaracs

P.S. Until the end of the game I had no idea that Alyssa Milano or Erin Gray had done voices.  Erin’s voice is listed as having done “other voices”–I’ve been in love with her since 1979 when she donned the jumpsuit for Buck Rogers.
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Easily one of my favorite games of this generation, Bionic Commando Rearmed is getting some updates. One good, and one not-so-good. The first is that the PlayStation 3 version of the game is finally getting the Trophy support that fans have been begging Capcom for. The second, and POI should appreciate this*, the developers have gone back and changed certain game play elements to make the game easier for the giant cry-babies that thought it was too hard. Check out the list:

  • You now have unlimited lives.
  • Now when you die, you re-spawn on the last piece of ground you were touching, rather than the beginning of the level.
  • You can now reel out your line if you screwed up your shot.
  • Swinging into a wall no longer causes your grapple to release.

This upsets me. I worked my way through this game. Was it easy? No, but it was a VERY fun challenge. It really gave you a sense of accomplishment when you fought your way through some of the really tough sections of the game. Ask anyone that watched me play through 99% of the game at POI’s house on easy mode; I bitched the whole time that Easy Mode was TOO easy. All of the harrowing gaps, and difficult timing maneuvers that you had to actually work at perfecting were gone, replaced by blocks that wouldn’t let you fall to your death if you tried. Is that what this generation of gamers has come to? Being afraid of a challenge? Disliking a game because it doesn’t instantly let you win? What’s next; a special edition of Donkey Kong where you can turn off the barrels if you can’t manage to jump over them? Bah! Bah, I say!

*You know I’m just kidding about this. POI is nowhere near as lame as the losers who needed Capcom to add a ‘baby mode’ to the game so they could lazily wander through a game. Hugs not drugs.

Read about this hate crime against real gamers at Capcom-Unity.

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I’ll just leave this here. Nice to finally see this in non-blur-o-vision. So what do you think: is that Clu turned evil at the end of the video? Or is it just Flynn projecting his younger self on the game grid?

Get your HD H.264 versions here.

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