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Posted by POI on 06.30.09
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Life got in the way guys.  Won’t be back today to record.

In other news, I did have time to walk down to All Game again.  Love that store.  Left with some goodies:

  • Commodore 1702 Monitor
  • Suncomm Apple II Joystick
  • Super Mario Land Gameboy Game
  • Star Trek 25th Anniversary Gameboy Game
  • Pinball Spectacular cartridge for the C64
  • Centipede for the Colecovision
  • RF/Coax adapter thingy
  • This thing for $9

They’re closed today.  That’s probably a good thing.

Posted by Madaracs on 06.28.09
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Anyone else seeing this?


I’ve been trying for the past 1/2 hour to get there.  I don’t know if this is typical or not.

The Ataris are burning!  The Ataris are burning!


Posted by Madaracs on 06.26.09
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In a surprising move, Best Buy, the gigantor retail chain based here in Minnesota, is planning on bringing used games to their stores.  This means that stores like Play N Trade and Game Stop that are in the business of charging nearly full price for their newer used games will be given a run for their money.  There is even speculation that since Best Buy is so well established, chains like Gamestop that don’t offer anything but modern console games may soon be a in a world of hurt.  Opinions?


Posted by Madaracs on 06.25.09
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VIRTUAL APPLES.  Need a retro fix this week but don’t know where you’re gonna get it?  Head on over to Virtual Apple!  I’ve not visited their site in a long time.  For years they’ve offerred ROMs for apple games but now you can actually play the games right on the site.  Make sure you’ve got Java installed and browse there extensive catalogue of both Apple ][ and Apple ][gs games.  I had some fun with Conan and the A2-FS1 Flight Simulator.


There is a perma-link to their site in the sidebar of this site.  Enjoy!

Posted by Madaracs on 06.24.09
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