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Well, again it was a blast.  Thanks to all that attended this edition of the party and to all of the newcomers as well.  It made for a most awesome time.  Some highlights for me were:

  • Seeing Cloudscout’s flagship arcade machines working 100%. – An Original Ms. Pac-Man (in glorious full color no less) and the 60-in-1 Arcade in the beautiful Centipede cabinet.  Thanks for bringing them.
  • The use of space was good this spring.  There were a lot of areas to move around, but still a fair amount of games and systems to try.
  • The Medieval Mayhem (informal) tournament was hot.  I don’t think I’ve seen a larger crowd assembled for an old 8-bit Atari VCS game.
  • My hitting the 50K mark in a Tron game with a small crowd present.  Joe Esposito was ringing in my ears in that moment… ♫”You’re the best… around!  Nothin’s ever gonna keep you down!”♫
  • General crowd noises and cheering.
  • Arcade noise goodness.
  • Cassette Tape participation!  Thanks to those who brought music on cassette!

Please feel free to let us know what you’d like to see in the future and/or the highlights of the party for you.  The next one is scheduled for Fall…

Oh and I almost forgot:  If anyone has photos from their phone or otherwise feel free to post links.

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The 5th episode of the GridCycle GeekCast was recently recorded and is ready for listening on a very special afternoon drive home. Please buckle up.

Highlights for this recording include:

  • The Harmony Remote Adapter for the PS3.
  • What we’re playing: Out Run, I-Ninja, Stuff…
  • Game Packaging
  • General Mayhem
  • As always, stay tuned after the “outro” for a bonus track and some outtakes.


[audio:|titles=The GridCycle GeekCast – Episode 5: The After School Special|artists=Madaracs – Commander Tim – Mot & POI]

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sc-glimpseOpt-In for the free Beta!  The site is up and fully operational with views of the Terrans, Protoss and Zerg.  It looks very impressive graphically and more like a sequel than a re-envisioning as so many other franchises have done.  The site is really interesting and I encourage you to have a look even if you’re not into RPGs.  They have FMVs of the new vehicle types and a bunch of really awesome screenshots.  I know many of us that played the original have been waiting for StarCraft II for some time and it looks like we’ll actually get the proper sequel complete with cinematics, a story mode and all-out battle between your friends.  Dawn your armor and gear up.  If you’re  an RPG fan this should be upyouralleydotcom.

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joyblu2Hello fellow retro gamers! The week is upon us… In four days we will converge to play old, classic, retro and neo-retro video games. The keg of Fat Tire is on order, the house is now undergoing the process of becoming a retro gaming haven and the guests are beginning to whisper about which cassette they’re gonna bring to the gala.(ga)

With all of the space in the house getting reallocated for game distribution I thought it wise to find out just how many of you will be bringing systems and TVs.  If you or another person you know is bringing a system and/or television set please comment below, shoot me an email or even more novel:  Call me.  I’d just like to know so we can plan better for layout and what to fill the space lest nobody bringeth hardware.

SETUP FOR THE PARTY 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM:  Although the party is set to begin at 1:PM CDT, those who are bringing systems should arrive a little bit early.  For those who come and help setup I’ll be buying pizza as incentive.  If you just want to help and you don’t have a system this means you too!  Oh! One more thing: I’m open to drop offs during the week.  If you have a TV that you only have time to bring in during the week feel free to give me a shout and I can arrange to be around for the drop.

So that’s it!  Sound off!  Let me know what you’re bringing!

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