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Another Heavy Sixer for sale on Goodwill auctions. Looks like it is in good condition, and will probably sell for relatively cheap. No guarantee it works though.

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After numerous delays in development, Ghostbusters will finally arrive to the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, Play Station 2 and DS this June.  Released under the Atari label (always scary), it features the voice talents of Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Bill Murray who–until now–has been reluctant to be involved with any new Ghostbusters projects. It also stars the voice of Ernie Hudson as Winston and the voice of Annie Potts as Janine.

In the game you will become the 5th Ghostbuster and are basically the newbie tasked with joining the team and taking down ghosts.  The Ps3, Xbox 360 and PS2 versions have amazing, movie-quality, realistic graphics while the Wii version has been tweaked a little to look more cartoonish. Think more–“The Real Ghostbusters” cartoon rather than the film.  The Wii version also apparently has some cool motion control action.

All of the previews and gaming agencies online are reporting good things about the game.  If you search for Ghostbusters on the Google it brings you to which redirects you to the website which is loaded with trailers and other content.  Go have a look and watch the embeded youtube video below.  Note for the HD version you’ll need to click that HD button in the lower right of your YouTube window.

Finally something we can all get excited about without defending our platform of choice! Enjoy.

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Zoyx Atari 800 and Sears HeavyCouple of Atari purchases in the past week.

First the Sears Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer. I think this is now my favorite 2600 in my collection. Very good condition, once I cleaned it up. Originally didn’t work, but it was because of dirty contacts. Also the AC plug was mangled, but I fixed that up. Working great now. Came with a lot of 20 games, one being a pink labeled Laser Blast cartridge. Usually Laser Blast has an orange label. I had fun with that on the Atari Age forums.

Also purchased an Atari 800 computer with 15 cartridges. Bought an USB SIO Jack so I can upload more games to it. Atari 5200 games were based on the same chipset, so they are a relatively easy conversion. So with the converted files, and this adapter – should be able to play some of the Atari 5200 games (with a 2600 joystick!).

Posted by Zoyx on 04.24.09
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This is pretty cool. The day the movie comes out you’ll be able to download a Star trek arcade game. Looks like it’ll have three game modes and it’s mostly top-down type action.

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The designer of Adventure speaks.

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