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Chasing Ghosts:  Beyond the Arcade will again appear on Showtime.


On Showtime Showcase

  • 03/05/09 at 1:30 PM
  • 03/05/09 at 4:30 AM
  • 03/10/09 at 7:00 AM
  • 03/23/09 at 11:00 AM
  • 03/26/09 at 6:30 PM

If anyone has a DVR and Showtime now is your chance to see this excellent film.

Posted by Madaracs on 02.28.09

mj-items1That’s right.  Mike has an extensive Arcade collection.  Apparently not even the most successful of the Jackson’s lineage is immune to the slump in today’s economy. With Neverland falling into disarray again and again and all of the drama surrounding his staff’s payroll and the Neverland insurance problems, something apparently had to be done. The King of Pop has basically been dethroned in recent years, I suppose it was only a matter of time before he started auctioning off his things.  It’s sad really.  And I hope it doesn’t turn out like the Rocky movies… rags to riches and then back to rags.  Though I seriously doubt the rest of the Jackson family would allow the filament of their dimly lit family chandelier to simply burn out and fade away.

Many of his “things” as it were, are pretty darn cool.  Many are not.  Take for instance the Pac-Man cabinet to the left.  At first glance it looks really cool.  That said,  if someone buys this for more than $800 I would be shocked.  Even from the tiny photo featured in the layout you can see cabinet damage to the upper left side.  To top it off it’s not even a Pac-Man.  It’s a Pac-Man that has been converted to a Ms. Pac-Man.  Before the people with the fat wallets start bidding on Michael Jackson’s Pac-Man machine they might want to do a little research.

If it does turn out you are just crazy enought to take a crack at owning this, or any other item from this more than eclectic collection–you’ll have to go through Julien’s Auctions–as they are handling this event.


mj-items3Oh it isn’t just his massive arcade collection. No! It’s his crazy statues–which include Elvis, Superman, Batman, Marilyn Monroe, a life-sized security guard, Bruce Lee with a Michael Jackson hat on, power rangers and more. But let’s not stop there. There are also juke-boxes, pop-corn machines, To Kill a Mockingbird posters, a signed Christopher Reeve 8×10, Batman collectibles, a Harley-Davidson police bike, a Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph Limousine, and even items as rare the 1954 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 Special from Driving Miss Daisy. There are 4 books of this stuff going up for auction.

This massive estate sale is being billed as:


Once the auction is finished, even the pearly gate of Neverland will be gone.  It’s estimated to fetch $30K.  I still love Mike’s music.  But even if I was rich, I wouldn’t want to own the entrance to the controversial kingdom once occupied by the formerly self-proclaimed  “King of Pop”.

I simply can’t imagine a worse economic climate for one to auction off his estate… let alone Michael Jackson.  I hope that he and his family are sorting things out.  I hope there is a comeback planned and that somehow things will turn around for him.  I do!   Say what you will but he has responsibilities… like his own children.  The thing is–there is something far more foreboding asunder here.  And I don’t think we’ve heard the last of it. Have a look at the train wreck again here.

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Awhile back I applied to be a beta tester for Quake Live. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize they had sent me my login information until last week. It doesn’t matter though. Tonight, they will launch the public open beta. Quake Live, formerly known as Quake Zero, is a rewrite of the Quake III: Arena game that came out years back. The difference is that you can run this one out of your web browser.

I would be interested in trying to find a server to play my friends on this one. If anyone else has a Beta Tester account and would like to see what it’s all about tonight– visit their Facebook link here.

Posted by Madaracs on 02.24.09

Gang, with love in your hearts, we did indeed record this evening. But due to some technical difficulties we’re going to have to re-record the show. Sorry about this. It’s a new podcast and we’ll get better, we promise. Thank yous and apologies to POI and Commander Tim. See you later this week.

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Air Date: Tuesday February 24th Wednesday March 4th, 2009

GridCycle GeekCast Episode II is almost here!

  • Now with Kung-Fu grip and action hammer chop!
  • With exciting new topics and guest stars!
  • No Trans-Fat!
  • Challenge the Wilsipedia!
  • New analysis on old crap!

Read what the masses have to say about G2C2:

“That is the funniest most informative sh!7 I’ve listened to in years!” – Samantha Canfield, Greenfield, CA.

“I wouldn’t leave the house without GridCycle… even if I knew what it was. I’m sure I wouldn’t.” – Marcus Seinfeld II of Belfield, IL

“I love to listen to G2C2 after a long day at work. I need to zone out and think about nothing at all and G2C2 helps me with that.” – Fandango Greene of NY

“Ha Ha! I laughed my a$$ off. Speaking of which–Can I have it back? It’s making it hard for me to sit without it.” – Derek Zeissman, MN

“Get that thing out my face you perv!” – Annie Smith, MA

“GridCycle GeekCast has it all!” – Anonymous listener who read one of our billboards aloud, Somewhere in America

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If you plan on attending the recording Sunday please contact me in email. We’re going over agendas and would like those involved to have a loose idea of what to expect.

Thanks, doods.


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