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Somebody buy this. The cabinet alone is probably worth over $100.

Posted by Zoyx on 10.30.08
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A couple of nights ago I figured out how to create my own soundtrack for Burnout Paradise. Burnout Paradise allows you to choose a playlist directly from the PS3 as your custom soundtrack. You can find this in game by pressing the right digital pad and then scrolling down to [Soundtrack]. In order to get the populated playlist on your PS3, you’ll either have to rip the music CDs directly to your PS3 or you can copy a bunch of music via USB memory stick. To do this you need to be in the main menu of your PS3 under the “Music” section. You choose the USB stick then click the (/\) triangle button and then choose copy. All of the options for copying your music then appear. You can then create a playlist after you’ve copied your music over. The trick is that you need to have your memory stick formatted Fat32 and the music files must be in a folder on that stick. I created a folder called Music on my memory stick and dumped everything I wanted in.

I now have a James Bond playlist for use in Burnout Paradise.

Posted by Madaracs on 10.27.08
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I came across this site today. I guess they just went beta. DRM free games. I think I still may have some of these games in my closet.

Still, a few of these made me laugh. Redneck rampage, castles, descent, battle chess…good memories.

I might check out fallout or fallout 2. I feel like I missed the boat on that one.

Posted by POI on 10.25.08
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hey check out what woot had for sale last night:
$200 + $5 shipping. :)

I think this is the too-small, cheap-ish thing they were selling at target anyway.

Posted by POI on 10.22.08
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A new high scores method has been created. An email was sent to everyone who has an account on this site. Assuming we’re all relatively responsible adults the score-keeping is of course, honesty based.

If you’re looking for hard core score keeping to compete with world record holders, by all means visit Twin Galaxies website. This is for friendly jibing.  Below follows the email that you should have received to grant you access to the GoogleForms spreadsheet. If you would like the invite to appear under another email address, please email me at adam dot kooyer over at gmail dot com.

I’ve shared a document with you called “GridCycle High Scores”:

It’s not an attachment — it’s stored online at Google Docs. To open this document, just click the link above.

You are receiving this message because you are currently a member of
the GridCycle website. A new feature has been added to the site so
that you may record a high score for any given game. The link to the
GoogleForm is on the sidebar or included in this email. High Scores
must be proven by way of witness, screenshot/photo or video. For
validity, the witness must be a member of the GridCycle site.

Posted by Madaracs on 10.20.08
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