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Anyone heard about the Pandora Mobile Gaming Platform? Looks to be an open platform for mobile games. Nifty.

article about it
official website

Only thing that seems to be missing is an official content delivery system.

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I want this Track & Field Cocktail, but it seems to be way over priced. Originally listed on craigslist for $2000, now at $1500. I think the problem the seller is having is that they bought it at, which is notorious for selling way above market value. I’m sure it is in great condition. What do you think the value of this should be?

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Where a kid can be whatever we tell them to be.

Where a kid can be whatever we say.

Check out a North Korean Arcade

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I know it’s old news–but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it here before the end of the day. To the joy of millions of gamers and game companies out there, the news of idiot lawyer Jack Thompson being permanently disbarred today, was a hot news item.

In handing down its decision, the Florida Supreme Court cited Thompson’s extensive history of public misconduct, along with recommendations from Judge Dava Tunis, the official who presided over Thompson’s 2007 ethics trial.

Wired Link

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