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Here is the link to an auction for an original Ms. Pac-Man motion sign used for promoting the Atari version of the game in 1982. I was winning up until yesterday with a bid of $10.50. I’m mildly relieved I didn’t win but frankly I was shocked at the price this little gem went for. Someone is probably very happy.

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I took the scoreboard from the Retro Gaming Party v.3 and added all of them to this handy table. It’s located in the sidebar under Pages under the heading “High Scores”.

Good luck, programs.

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The party may be over–but the memories are great!
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Posted by Madaracs on 05.21.08

Cloudscout has a pretty cool Pinball machine that I’ve begged him to bring down the block. He says he’ll do it if I can find adequate help to transport the machine from and back to his home. It’s in his garage and requires light disassembly and some careful heavy lifting. It would be very cool to have this at the party and it need only go from garage to garage. Including me, I would like 3 other volunteers–possibly 4. If you plan on arriving right at the beginning and think you might have the strength, please let me know.

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