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A friend of mine at work Wii-bowled last weekend with his wife and her Grandmother! She is 90-years-old and was an avid bowler. Since it is difficult for her to bowl these days they thought she might enjoy trying WiiSports Bowling out for size. First they got her to try out arm-chair bowling and by day two she was up and doing a full step through.

Very cool.

Also I found this article that is kind of fun to read. About a nursing home that bought a Wii for its residents.

Posted by Madaracs on 06.18.07
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I placed my Marble Madness machine on craigslist. But before it is gone, I made a video of me playing. Those are indeed my hairy arms thrashing away on that poor defenseless trackball.

Posted by Zoyx on 06.13.07
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A wired article about a couple of college students trying to bring back to life Soviet era arcade games.

Last month, the four officially opened the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines in a Stalin-era bomb shelter under a university dormitory. Packed into two rooms are dozens of Soviet-made video game carcasses in various states of repair. Some work perfectly; others last for a few minutes, then fade. One common feature among them all is a lack of a high-score list.

Closer to home, an arcade graveyard near Hugo. I don’t know where precisely. Many of these games were seen at the Penny Arcade at the State Fair.

Posted by Zoyx on 06.08.07
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So this West St. Paul dude is our local representative for the X-box pac-man championship. Good luck! Wacka-Wacka!

Posted by Zoyx on 06.02.07
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I gave my Atari 5200 to Adam V for his birthday complete with a set of practically new games and fully restored joysticks. I think he was overjoyed as this was his system when he was a child.

I finally got my 6-switch Atari 2600 with woodgrain finish.

Posted by Madaracs on 06.01.07
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