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Check it out! Nintendo recently released four new retro games to the Virtual Console they are:

Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Spirit




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ImagicBelow are the links to an old PBS business program, showcasing Imagic when they were just getting off the ground. I little slice of life of the video game industry, just before the mid-80s video game crash. You get a sense that this frenzy over video games in the early 80s was very similar to the dot com boom and bust.

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3

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I’m not sure what the bikini babes in this commercial have to do with the Commodore 64 but I like the concept…

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I received my copy of Adventure II for the Atari 5200. A homebrew sequel to Adventure for the Atari 2600. Essentially the same game. You are a yellow block on a quest to find the Gold Chalice and return it to the Seashore Kingdom’s Castle. Same dragons to avoid, some new fiends added as well. For instance, there is an evil troll who likes to steal stuff (replaces bat). I’ve only begun playing the game, but looks like a top notch sequel, that takes advantage of the extra power of the Atari 5200.

Only 250 cartridges were made. I’m guessing that there will be less than 100 left when the store starts selling them again. The Atari Age Store currently says “sold out” as I type, but that was so Albert could get caught up on orders. Better snarf one up when the store opens again. Here is the thread that announced that the game was shipping.

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