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I found this link. It’s fairly outdated but it lists the last known locations of classic arcade games in Minnesota. Some are WAY north some are WAY south. It’s given me an idea. Anyone who is a member of this site can now post a similar list on a permanent page I’ve created for keeping track of local establishments that have cool games in-house.

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I recently began working at Identix in eastern Minnetonka. The area of town we’re in put’s us almost on top of a great little Arcade in Hopkins called: S.S. Billiards. Some of you might remember visiting the place recently for Tom’s bachelor party.

S.S. Billiards
Click their sign to see the site.

S.S. Billiards is located off of 11th Ave. S. in downtown Hopkins. Their establishment sports a variety of pinball machines a small selection of video arcade machines and pool tables. It may be the last true arcade in existence. Their product is video games, pinball and pool. Nothin’ else.

I propose we have our second outing at this place. It’s easy to get to (for us locals) and has a much different feel then the corporatized Game Works we first visited. All in favor say ‘Aye’.

S.S. Billiards has been linked on this site. While their main focus is video games, billiiards and pool, they also sell video arcade machines including pinball, arcades, darts and other coin-op gems.

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Space Station ArcadeWhile on my business trips in Mexico, I have plenty of time in the evenings to call home, watch Mexican television, shop eBay and read email. This most recent trip I received yet another email from a guy in North Carolina looking for a song that I digitized from a 45RPM record. The song, “Where is She“, is the b-side of a Michael Damian record by a band called Blue Future. It was originally found in the movie: Dream a Little Dream. I posted about the process on my personal blog. What in the heck does this have to do with gaming?

Well, I ended up talking to this guy online for about an hour. After talking with him about the film–and how he actually lives in the town that they filmed much of it–and how he met “The Corys”–and how he had a schoolmate who was an extra in the flick– [deep breath]–it turns out that besides his affinity for lesser known 80s music he also has a passion for video games. In particular, he has a healthy interest in MAME. He recently completed a MAME project of the highest calibur. You can read all about it here. Or if you don’t have time and this message scrolls there is a link on the left entitled: Space Station Arcade.

Enjoy. It’s good reading and he may be a good resource.

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