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We’ve created a yahoo group for GridCycle gamers. We’re going to attempt to try and have a once-a-week gaming session online. Probably starting at 8:30 one night a week and we’ll play 10ish or whenever people decide to leave. The point is to be able to hook up with your friends before the game and keep a record of where we went in case someone arrives late.

There are chat capabilities within the group and we have file upload options and whatever else. Shoot me or 2J an email and we’ll add you to the group. You may be able to join just by going here:

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More good deals at it seems. Here is a Commodore 64 plug and play joystick featuring 30 authentic C64 games from for a mere $24.98. In fact, they’re not just authentic. It contains a REAL C64 rom in it!


So it’s an OK price–I’ve seen the cheaper in town from time to time. However! the hitch here is that you also get a free domain name ($10 value) when you purchase it. I’m sure there are other deals that include this at right now–but the real reason that this one is so cool is that this thing is hackable. There are several sites with instructions on how to split this puppy open and add peripherals to make it effectively a fully functional C64!

Links on ‘How to hack the c64 PNP Joystick’:

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Awhile back, Cloudscout bought some of these on at a reduced price. He gave one to me as a gift. They’re great if you have a PS One or PS2 laying around. At less than $50 this is a very good buy. Only 4 left.

Check them out at

Arcade Style Stick

They have solid construction and authentic arcade sticks and buttons. You can remove the T-Molding on these and totally customize the template underneath. If you want to label your buttons so you know which one is the X, [ ], O or /\ buttons on the PS2 joystick this can be handy. I’ve found that it’s excellent for most retro games in my collection and that kids like it even more. My neice and nephew had a blast playing Finding Nemo on the PS2. By the way, Finding Nemo as a game for kids is great–but I don’t enjoy it myself.

***Links to USB converters for PS2 Controllers:***

You should buy at least two converters or one with multiple ports. The controller pictured above is actually two PS2 Controllers in one.

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Looking for a pre-built arcade style desk system for your console or PC? Take a look at “The Gameulator!”

Seriously, it is fairly inexpensive at $562.12 (plus $?? shipping) for a fairly decent looking (if stupid sounding) cabinet. I’m certainly thinking about it at least for driving games. My desk only works so-so at the moment for my current Colin McRae Rally 5 addiction.

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