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Dance Dance Revolution is going to be deployed at middle schools in West Virginia. It is an attempt to reduce obesity. The CNN article.

Students 10 to 14 years old are being targeted first because it is a key point in children’s development, said Linda Carson, a professor at West Virginia University’s School of Physical Education in Morgantown.

Those are the ages “when children really begin making more of their own decisions and a time when they could easily choose to be more sedentary,” said Carson, who is conducting an ongoing research project into the video game’s health benefits.

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Just saw on Gizmodo that Sega is coming out with their own version of those plug-in controller boxes. More Info

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Last year we had planned to get things rolling for a LAN Party in January. Since the holidays and birthdays around this time seem to swallow up a bunch of time we’re pushing those plans to late February early March. We’re going to setup a voting system for games and some other stuff so stay tuned…

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So, I’m sitting at Gymnastics, and thanks to the new Wifi provided here, I can waste time.. I mean, spend time performing meaningful research about my favorite games from long ago.

I stumbled on this site. It’s a catalog of abandoned games. Some are even available for download, as long as the ESA hasn’t made a squeek. Where possible, they even recommend the best settings/tools to run them.

P.S. Beware an obnoxious pop-up on some the of the download links.

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So I won a ‘lot’ of famicom games on eBay. I received 6 or 7 games for about $10. The cool thing is–they came directly from Japan. One of them is the Japanese NES version of the Untouchables based on the film with Sean Connery. Three of them I can’t play because they require you to be able to read in Japanese. It’s pretty funny to plug them in. My Famicom collection now includes (but is not limited to):

The Transformers
The Untouchables
Mah Jong
and Several Other Games I can’t pronounce.

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