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I’ve gone and done it. I purchased a Marble Madness machine on ebay. Sooooo… who wants to help me pick it up? Boy am I gonna get the chicks now {winking emoticon goes here}.

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Well I was at lunch today… and the little 9 pin connector in the back of my head made me go into Toys-R-Us. When I woke up, I was in the video game section where I found this:

Available for the Xbox, PS2 and I think the Gamecube. For full game listings, pictures and a pretty neat website go here: There are 29 games on the disc.

Battle Shark
Bubble Bobble
Colony 7
Continental Circus
Electric Yo-Yo
Elevator Action
Great Swordsman
Jungle Hunt
Ninja Kids
The New Zealand Story
Operation Thunderbolt
Operation Wolf
Plump Pop
Rainbow Islands
Return of the Invaders
Space Gun
Space Invaders
Space Invaders part 2
Super Qix
Tube It
Zoo Keeper

You get ’em all for $20.

Posted by Madaracs on 11.29.05
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Welcome ArmySyko–aka my cousin Rich to the grid.


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  • Stylized shell about the thickness of three DVD cases stacked flatly on top of each other
  • May come in five different colors including a sleek, glossy black and an Apple-esque white
  • Backward compatible. Plays both GameCube optical discs and proprietary 12cm discs, the latter of which may be dual-layered for upward of 8GBs storage capacity
  • Slot-loading drive with stylized blue light
  • One proprietary component/digital out located on the rear of the system
  • Two USB 2.0 ports located on the rear of the system
  • No Ethernet jack; Revolution connects to the Internet using 802.11b and 802.11g Wi-Fi wireless
  • GameCube docking station features inputs for four GCN controllers and two Memory Paks
  • Two front slots for 512MB flash memory, likely SD Card compatible
  • Utilizes wireless controllers
  • Custom-built IBM CPU, codenamed Broadway; speed and architecture undetermined at this time
  • Custom-built ATI-GPU, codenamed Hollywood; speed and architecture undetermined at this time
  • MoSys-developed 1T-SRAM solution; unknown amount of memory at this time
  • Nintendo download service: connect online and download classic NES, S-NES and N64 games

An excellent article on Nintendo’s philosophy on the next generation in console games.

Question for you: Have you ever tried putting a 3″ CD into a regular CD slot drive?

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The same one as in the CostCo link posted earlier–Arcade Legends. This is the full size upright also being sold at There are actually many other retailers selling this unit. I like the upright, but if I had a choice I’d probably go with the cocktail.

There also appears to be some expansion capability: Dragon’s Lair ™, Dragon’s Lair II ™, Space Ace ™, Defender ™, Joust ™, Joust II ™, Robotron: 2084 ™, Defender II ™, Stargate ™, KLAX ™, Toobin’ ™, Tapper ™, 720° ™, Blaster ™, Bubbles ™, Gauntlet ™, Marble Madness , Paperboy ™, Rampage ™, Rampart ™, Roadblasters ™, Tapper (Root Beer) ™, Satan’s Hollow ™, Sinistar ™, Splat! ™, Spy Hunter ™, Super Sprint ™, Toobin’ ™, Vindicators ™, Arlington Horse Racing ™, Gimme A Break ™, Goal ‘92 ™, Goalie Ghost ™, Golden Tee Golf I ™, Golden Tee Golf II ™, Grid Iron Fight ™, EDF ™, Hat Trick ™, Hoccer ™, Hot Shots Tennis ™, Karate Champ ™, Mini Golf ™, Phoenix ™, Side Pocket ™, Speed Spin ™, Spiker ™, Street Fighter ™, Street Fighter II ™, Super Champion Baseball ™, Super Dodge Ball ™, Super Doubles Tennis ™, Super Strike Bowling ™, Tag Team Wrestling ™, Tekhan World Cup ™, US Championship V’Ball ™, Wind Jammers ™, WWF Superstars ™, WWF Wrestlefest ™, Super Duper Casino ™, Lucky Poker ™, Boardwalk Casino ™, Dynamic Dice Showdown ™, BlackJack, Super Casino ™ and more!

I smell MAME.

Info found at:

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