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That is really all I should need to post as you will see this come across your feed. :-)

Posted by Madaracs on 10.28.05
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I’ve been talking with a couple of people that read and contribute to this site about a possible outing for members and friends/family of members.

We’d like to get it in before the holiday and the suggestion of GameWorks in E Block came up.

I’m thinking a Wednesday night would work for this.

Please respond with feedback!

Posted by Madaracs on 10.27.05
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My copy of City of Villains Collector’s Edition arrives today, and I plan on spending the evening answering Lord Recluse’s call to defend the Rogue Isles from those insidious do-gooders on the last night of the Beta. This weekend? Making the newly cleansed and officially-released citizens of the isles feel the hurt of my army of robots!

Any one else going to release their inner villain?

Posted by Cavorter on 10.26.05
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Cool Arcade Cabinet at Target!

Found on page 107 of this month’s Wired (November 2005) issue, is the Big Games Home Video Arcades, now available for pre-order from for $500. It only has a 14in screen, but it’s got arcade controls and 12 games included for your retro game room.

The product home page also lists a table top version available this fall as well, though it looks kind of tiny and I can’t find any links.

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I’m hoping that the game “Crashday” which is being developed by MoonByte Studios and distributed under the brand Atari will not become vaporware. It allows you to do the one thing in cars that you can’t do in most racing games. Take outrageous jumps, loops and CRASH A LOT. Some sites have had a release date listed at 1999 which I hope is merely a misprint–since I only heard about it this year.

Here are some awesome screenshots.

Posted by Madaracs on 10.24.05
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