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Retro Gamer 18The New Retro Gamer will be in U.S. stores soon (if not already). I usually pick mine up at Barnes and Noble but they only have limited quantities and they sell out rather quickly. I wish I had the money to run a U.S. version of this magazine as it costs about $13 on the news stand. However you do get a free CD with either full versions of games, multiple retro style games or emulators on it. I have not put up the money for a subscription to this magazine yet but I really want to.

In the latest issue they are including the complete Last Ninja Trilogy. The CD contains the original 8-bit ROMS (for the C64, Spectrum, Amstrad and NES versions) and a selection of emulators with which you can use to run the games on your PC or Macintosh. Last month I got the full version of Arena the precursor to Daggerfall. That’s where I got my Dos Box emulator and also when I figured out I’d be able to run my Space Quest games (as posted earlier).

Atari Lynx

This issue will also feature the 1989 classic Atari Lynx. Remember that ultra cool portable that was released by Atari featuring a full-color, 16-bit interface? Yeah, I barely do too. At $150 it was too much money back then. I see them on eBay frequently. Gameboy eventually killed it with its less expensive black and white screen and weaker processor.

There is also some C64 stuff in this issue worth picking up. In addition they’re going to profile Robocop the video game, the Sega 32x, their imported games segment as well as their continuing coverage of “A Brief History of Video Games” last months started with Pong.

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For those of you attending my bachelor party in less than two weeks; we have MAME running on my 50″ TV. So far I’ve tested Discs of Tron, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Super Pac-Man, Xybots, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker and more. They are all working and ready for the party! We’ll also have at least 3 extra T.V.s with consoles attached so that we can run multiple retro arcade games. The Tron cocktail cabinet will be on and we’ll even run the dart board. All music provided that day will come from the coin-op wall CD Jukebox. If you can think of your favorite game that you might like to play, let me know and I’ll try ang get it ahead of time.

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Whomever is a member currently I have a request of you: If you have any permalinks you’d like to see on the site please let me know. And any other improvement suggestions are welcome– my adam -@at@- gridCyclE (dot) -=COM=- address works now as well. Anyone who wants a gridcycle forward address is welcome as well. Just email me where you’d like your email to go and I’ll setup a forward rule.



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Some of you know that in my basement I have a bar sign of the Goonies logo. They look like neon signs but are actually top-lighted plexi that appears to be neon when lit. They’re very cool. It’s from Hong Kong and there is a little company over there that sells them on ebay for $3.99 plus $29.99 shipping. I think they’re worth the $35.00.

Check the Happy Sign Store on ebay! They have everything from Mario Brothers to X-Files.

I saw the Mario one and thought it an appropriate post to land here.

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Despite the big titles that you see on store shelves everywhere, there is still a huge universe of little independent titles that you can find to play that can keep anyone occupied for years. The Independent Gaming Source is the best place I’ve found for keeping up with the scene. Where else are you going to find coverage of Duck Doom Deluxe (A surprisingly entertaining meld of Duck Hunt and Doom) or an entire week of reviews of weird little SHMUPs.

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