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I almost won an auction for a Superman Famicom cartridge on eBay recently. For those who don’t know, Famicom is the Japanese version of the NES. Boy, am I glad I didn’t win. I found a site that has an NES emulator and several ROMs. It has different screen sizes and works pretty well.Here is the Superman one. I’ve also added a perma-link to the sidebar for

Superman NES Screenshot

The only piece of advice I can give to anyone who enjoys Superman is this: Don’t ever buy the NES/Famicom game. Superman can’t even fly. And he looks like a Weeble Wobble. The music is also incredibly lame.

I was surprised to learn that the NES version of Galaga is actually not that bad…



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What game do you want for Christmas?

Is it a console?

Is it a cabinet?

Is it software?

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As many of you know I had my tonsils out a week and a half ago. So for a long period of time I had nothing to do but eat soft foods, drink a lot of water, pop and juice–and play video games.

Awhile back I bought Gameboy Advance because they had recently started releasing old skool NES carts for it. Among them were Metroid, Zelda, The Adventures of Link, Excitebike, Bomberman, Ice-Climber, Super Mario Bros. Castlevania and Donkey Kong.

I’m proud to announce during my voice outage I was able to complete Zelda! This is the first time I’ve ever completed Zelda. Even when I was a kid and we had the game I could never get myself to sit there long enough to beat it. It was fairly satisifying–I must say. I do have to admit I did look at this resource two times during gameplay. After all, I’m not 15 with weeks to figure this stuff out on my own.

Now I’m on to Metroid. Which I find more daunting than Zelda. We’ll see how I fare against the Metroids and their Minibosses.

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I am trying to organize a New Years Eve LAN “bender”. I started a thread on the coyote forums (Bombo the Cat = Xenolith). Don’t know where this LAN will be yet, but we will find a place. If interested, send an e:mail to my xenozoyx gmail account so I can add you to the mail-list.

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I’ve gone and done it. I purchased a Marble Madness machine on ebay. Sooooo… who wants to help me pick it up? Boy am I gonna get the chicks now {winking emoticon goes here}.

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