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Calling all ‘casters!


We’ll return sometime next week.  Recording will happen on either Tuesday or Wednesday evening.  Please let me know if you’re available to record.

Posted by Madaracs on 09.04.09
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G2C2-S01E07: Ballbusters

In this episode our hosts are Madaracs, Commander Tim and Cloudscout. The new Ghostbusters game is discussed, the recent purchase of a NES Cartridge for 17.5K, the classic SNES shmup Phalanx and much much more…

  • Ghostbusters new and old!
  • Listen to Madaracs predict and defend Ghostbusters as the most sold game of the year. And fail!
  • Hear bad words!
  • Get Your Own Personal Ball Pit!
  • It’s Intermission time!
  • Shiny New Outtro track!: Ode to Diode
  • Outrrrrraageous outtakes! (57:50 For those that hate Madaracs’ compositions.)


[audio:|titles=The GridCycle GeekCast – Episode 7: Ballbusters|artists=Madaracs – Commander Tim & Cloudscout]

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Posted by Madaracs on 07.23.09


In this episode our hosts are Madaracs and S1500 with special guest Jason Tucker of The topic? Infocom! Jason Tucker is an expert gamer when it comes to the Infocom series of games and brings his experiences with the Zork series and other Infocom delights to the podcast. Topics include:

  • Infocom
  • Honorable mention of Rob Noyes’ “Pick Up The Phonebooth and Die.”
  • General Mayhem


[audio:|titles=The GridCycle GeekCast – Episode 6: Infocom|artists=Madaracs – S1500 & Jason Tucker]

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The 5th episode of the GridCycle GeekCast was recently recorded and is ready for listening on a very special afternoon drive home. Please buckle up.

Highlights for this recording include:

  • The Harmony Remote Adapter for the PS3.
  • What we’re playing: Out Run, I-Ninja, Stuff…
  • Game Packaging
  • General Mayhem
  • As always, stay tuned after the “outro” for a bonus track and some outtakes.


[audio:|titles=The GridCycle GeekCast – Episode 5: The After School Special|artists=Madaracs – Commander Tim – Mot & POI]

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Posted by Madaracs on 05.28.09
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Episode IV is even better than the real thing!


Topics in this week’s recording:

  • A Brief History of the Atari 7800 ProSystem: We didn’t cover everything including the fact the the Atari 7800 got its name by adding 2600 to 5200 or that they wanted to call it the Atari 9000. However! There are a lot of fun facts you mayn’t have known!
  • Pac-Man Games with focus on Pac-Man Championship Edition and a little rivalry within the ranks.
  • A new segment: Hidden Agenda: Unlock Your Retro. This is a segment with tidbits on secrets you may not know about in retro games.
  • eBay Finds!
  • General Mayhem
  • This podcast also features a new closing track called “Frantic Machine.”
  • Bonus outtake at the very very end.

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Posted by Madaracs on 04.22.09