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How awesome Billy Mitchell is:

Posted by Madaracs on 02.28.12
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Well played. VERY well played. They even got convincing fonts on the intro. Love it!

Posted by s1500 on 12.22.10
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I am fifth in the world in Wii Fit Three Minute Super Hula Hooping. I did this at the International Video Game Hall of Fame Convention a month ago in Ottumwa. My pelvic coordination is to be feared!

Posted by Zoyx on 09.05.10
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A homebrew version of Halo has been coded up by some guy named Ed. This guy Ed is really Ed Fries, the vice-president of game publishing for Microsoft during the original Xbox’s lifescycle. Read more about him on Wikipedia. Because of this, Ed is in a unique position – he had Bungie’s blessing to do this. From the AtariAge forum thread, the employees of Bungie already have their cartridges of Halo 2600.

I played a bit of it using my Harmony cart, and it is very well done. Simplistic in gameplay, but that is to be expected. Here is an initial impressions video someone else did off of youtube.

Posted by Zoyx on 08.02.10
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If Topless Robot isn’t already in your daily web rounds, today I’m going to give you a great reason why it should be. A few weeks back, the writers asked their readers to contribute ideas to the definitive Nerd Ten Twenty Commandments, and as you’d expect, hilarity ensued. Some of these are almost painful in how accurate they are, but the one that really made me chuckle is the one that I’m sure all of us already live by:

10) If two nerds ever find themselves holding cylindrical objects of at least 9 inches in length they must immediately make lightsaber ignition noises and face each other down in mortal combat.

Be sure to head over to Topless Robot for the full list of all twenty commandments. And remember: now you know… and knowing is half the battle.

Posted by Tim on 01.27.10
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