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Posted by Zoyx on 04.17.11
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You can now natively play over 100 classic Atari titles on your IOS device. The breakdown is 18 arcade games and 92 2600 games. A select few allow for multiplayer over bluetooth. The list can be found here, and a review can be found here. The review is quite glowing. I installed this on my Ipad, and the games are ported over quite well and the user interface is fairly easy to navigate. Using the touch screen was a bit of a challenge for me, however. I plan on giving it some time to see if my coordination comes around, but I don’t have much hope for that. A small company plans on coming out with a mini-joystick for touch devices. I may buy one to play with these games.

Posted by Zoyx on 04.07.11

Here is the cocktail cabinet I picked up last week.

It’s actually an original Pac-Man cocktail that was converted to a Ms. Pac-Man. Everything is in great shape except for one problem… the original Pac-Man cocktail cabinets had a slightly different design than all of the other Midway cocktails that would come after it. Of the four main differences, two of them are no big deal. First, the control panels are 11 inches wide on the original machines versus 9 inches wide on later versions. Second, the corners of the cabinet itself are rounded on the original but are square (with T-Molding) on the newer models. The third difference results in quite a bit of disappointment for people who buy these machines that have been converted. The original Pac-Man cocktail cabinets had the underlay artwork silk-screened directly onto the glass. The later versions used a separate printed underlay. When people converted the original machines they had to scrape the silk-screened artwork off of the glass in order to use the new overlay… which leads to the final difference. While the glass top is the same size and shape on both iterations, the wood underneath the glass is not cut the same. If you look closely at this picture you may notice that the see-through area above the control panels doesn’t look quite right. The open area in the wood top on the cabinet is almost a 90 degree angle whereas the underlay has a more open angle which exposes some of the bare wood beneath it. I have found a source for an underlay with the original Pac-Man artwork cut to the correct dimensions to fit the original cabinets and will probably replace this mis-matched underlay at some point.

For now, the game works great mechanically. I put a “4-in-1” board in it which will let you play Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man in both normal and fast modes and it saves high-scores. Tons-o-Fun!

Posted by Cloudscout on 11.22.10
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In the “you learn something new everyday” dept., I learned about the Atari Video System X (VSX). This was the pre-release name for the Atari 5200. The system never hit retail stores with this name, but was displayed at CES as the VSX. The original plan was to have the Atari VSX be the follow-up to the Atari VCS. Things changed when they renamed the Atari VCS to the Atari 2600. Below is a fun video about the Atari VSX. A bit corny in parts. You can go to 1:10 if you want to skip the PBS and 3-2-1 Contact intro.

There is now an Atari VSX on ebay. I believe the making of the above video and the auction are by the same people. The auction price is $910 with 5 1/2 days left as I make this entry. Curious to see how high it goes. It is already out of my price range. Tempted to mod my 5200 so it looks like a VSX.

Posted by Zoyx on 09.14.10
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The party will be held at Cloudscout’s place as it has been for all versions of the Fall retro gaming party.   Look for more details here and on Facebook as they become available.

Posted by Madaracs on 09.08.10
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